Our Process Flow

The Fruits are procured from the adjoining orchards which on arrival is weighed and transferred to the ripening chambers in plastic crates. The Fruits are ripened by using ethylene approved by FDA. Fruits once ripened are transfered through conveyors to the pre-inspection area. Wherein fruits are sorted manually and the good fruits are transferred to the first fruit washer. After the wash cycle fruits are transferred to tip cutting conveyor wherein mango tips are dressed manually.
Dressed Mangoes gets transferred automatically to the destoner for removal of the seed. After destoning fruit gets pulped , preheated , decanted , sterilized and filled into aseptic bags by using aseptic fillers (bag in drum). The drums are stored in the warehouse and shipped according to customer requirements.

Fruit Arrival

Ripening Chambers


Tip Cutting

Destoning & Pulping



Aseptic filler

Stacking in the Warehouse